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Flour play! Sensory-tastic fun!

Entertaining littlies doesn’t have to cost the earth – there are plenty of household items that are safe and fun for them to play and learn with. Take flour for example – a great sensory play item! Have you ever thought of putting some on a tray and letting your little one play with it?

Sensory play - Flour fun!


Ignore the mess for a moment – embrace the fun! Talk to your littly while they play – get them to explore the texture with their fingers, their nose, and their mouth… How does it feel? What does it taste like? How does it smell?


If you want to get really messy, try adding glitter or sequins or water. Talk about how the flour has changed – what does it look like now? How has the feel changed?

Sensory play - Flour fun!

Encouraging little ones to think and communicate while they’re playing will encourage language development. Sensory play is especially great for babies and toddlers who find textures and challenges intriguing!

Sensory play - Flour fun!

Flour play is seriously sensory-tastic fun! Why not give it a try?!