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Potato printing


Printing fun!

Printing is an easy and fun way to create fabulous pictures with your littlies! It also promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination!

You can use a variety of objects to print with such as building blocks, duplo bricks or plastic cake cutters – but potatoes are great fun to print with and, with a little careful cutting, can be made into any shape!





You will need:


Sharp knife to cut the potato into shape (grown ups only!)




How to:

1) Cut the potatoes in half, then into different shapes. *Grown ups will need to cut the potato shapes as its very tricky and dangerous for little hands.

2) Dip your potato shape into some paint

3) print onto your paper!

Arty tip: Use lots of different colours to make a bright picture, or use white paint on black paper for a really arty effect!