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Freestyle floor painting

Warning! Super messy activity!


You know what? Freestyle floor painting is THE best fun when it comes to getting messy!

If you have a tiled floor it’s so much fun, but if you’re a little worried about staining the tiles you can always completely cover with rolled paper.


Rolls of paper are available in most art stores, but we find Ikea has the best value for money.


How to…


1- Cover the floor in rolls of paper or leave floor bare! (leaving the floor bare for paiting is brilliant fun for incredibly messy – be warned!)

2- Use (child friendly) poster paints to handprint, footprint or brush all over the floor/paper *Remember if walking on the paint it is VERY SLIPPY so take care and hold your little one’s hands as they walk.

3- Leave to dry and then take a photo (if on the actual tiles) or hang your work of art for all to see!