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Party time!

Stuck for ideas for a party theme? Don’t know where to begin?

Don’t panic!  Here at CCIF we have a few tried and tested ones to help you on your way to party perfect!

Where to begin?

Firstly you need to decide if you’re having the party at home or are going to hire somewhere.

If the party is going to be on a weekend places get booked up quickly so booking in plenty of time in advance is essential.

If you’ve got the space, a party at home is cheaper, and easy to do with a little preparation and help.

Two months before gives you plenty of time to find and book a venue if you live in a busy area, and if you really cant do without an entertainer,then book one now too as they are in high demand.

Don’t worry if you have only a few weeks to prepare, some of the best parties are organised last minute!

One month before, send out invitations with details of the venue, time and date and the theme (if there is one) and inform parents if it’s a drop off party or if you need them to stay.

Most importantly put a RSVP deadline, and contact number, so you know in advance how many to cater for. (You alos need to order party essentials such as party bags,balloons and tableware in plenty of time, so need to know your numbers attending!)

Every child loves their birthday, it’s the one day where they are guaranteed to be the centre of attention and have a great day. If your child is old enough to decide a theme, why not let their imaginations run wild and try your best to accommodate their ideas.
Encourage them to help with the making and sending of the invites, and organising of the activities and party bits and bobs. Let it be their day, rather than your idea of their day!

Party themes

Jungle Party
A party with a difference deep in your very own jungle!

Using green crepe paper, cut out big and small leaves and decorate the room. Use snakes and animals painted by the children or stuffed animals to place amongst the leaves to create a jungle vibe!
If its a warm day you can move your party into the garden and if you’re really into party fun, how about a visit from a lion, (Nanny Fi actually dressed up in a hot, heavy lion costume for one party, waving to the very excited children below!)
Jungle themed tableware, party bags, and even dressing up tabards, hats and masks are available all over the internet, and party games can be adapted to the theme such as musical jungle leaves instead of musical chairs, or fill pass the parcel, with jungle themed prizes such as small plastic animals (ELC do a great selection).

Using lots of imagination, you can turn party food into jungle-nosh quite easily.

Sandwiches can be cut into animal shapes and you can make a huge bowl of jelly and fill it with snake and spider sweets!
Sssssnake up that birthday cake with a slimy, edible snake cake!
Finally, encourage the children to dress up in the theme style. Some great costumes ideas are lions and tigers, and explorers!

Pirates and Princesses

Ooh arrghhh me hearties! This party theme is really good fun and great for young imaginations.

Pirate and Princess costumes are easy to come by and fairly easy to make. A stripy t-shirt and old shorts, combined with an eye patch and painted moustache makes one very cool pirate. Pink t-shirt, tights and a bit of net curtain with sparkles, add a hair band with a long train of netting, and there you have your very own party princess!

Decorate the room with pirate flags and a painted pirate ship, pink ribbons and a castle, or simply hang pink and black balloons to set the theme if you don’t have the time to go wild!
A selection of pirate and princess tableware is widely available on the internet.
Make your own pirate treasure chest filled with prizes made out of an old box painted gold, filled with chocolate coins and sweet necklaces.
Party food can be adapted to the theme, star shaped sandwiches for the princesses and jelly boats for the pirates are sure to get children eating up at lunch!
Regular games such as pass the parcel can be adapted by filling the layers with theme related prizes.

Circus party

Roll up, roll up for the party of a lifetime! The circus theme is a fabulous and fun birthday theme!

Face paints are great for jazzing up and turning any face into a circus performer. Clowns can wear bright shorts and t-shirts and spike their hair with temporary hair colours, add a few face paints and there you have a little clown!
A ringmaster outfit is easily achieved with a red jacket, black T-shirt and tights, and a painted moustache.
Party games can include pass the circus parcel (each layer containing circus themed prizes such as bubbles, clown noses, juggling balls or plastic tigers and elephants.) with circus music playing. A game of pin the nose on the clown is sure to get them giggling same rules as pin the tail on the donkey but with a big clown face.

Hiring a bouncy castle is great for in between games and party food and if you feel like you can’t entertain lots of little circus children, a party clown is ideal to take away the stress!


Superheroes are adored by older children such as Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the rest of the comic crew.
Costumes are available at most toy stores and online costume suppliers do a great selection of superhero costumes.
You can make your own quite easily with a bit of imagination. Go to your local charity shop for brightly coloured clothes that can be adapted into super hero style! A bright skirt is easily adapted into a super hero cape!
Decorate the room with pictures of favourite heroes, make some up yourself and get the children to help create some great new characters.

Party games can include a ‘superhero mission’. Hide a prize that can be shared equally, and give clues to its location. Don’t make the clues too hard or the children will get bored easily.

Using art materials, get the children to create their own kind of superhero on paper. You could even make superhero t-shirts! T-shirt pens and paints are widely available.

Name party food after certain heroes to get in with the theme. Spiderman sandwiches, Cat Woman crisps and Batman biscuits are sure to make the party food vanish into little super hero mouths!
Most supermarkets sell superhero biscuit making kits, and superhero birthday cakes but you could be adventurous and make your own!

Football party
Sure to shoot and score every time, a football party is popular with both boys and girls!

Ask everyone to wear their favourite teams football shirt or kit on the invitations.

Decorate the house or garden with football balloons  and make a temporary football pitch using chalk on a decked or patio garden and white tape on grass.
Party pieces do a great range of football themed party essentials such as table-wear, party bags and prizes, they even do a selection of medals and small trophies which can be awarded to game winners.
Challenge your football guests to a penalty shoot out, the winner gets a trophy!
Party food is simple to do, make football shaped sandwiches, and buy round food to resemble footballs such as round crackers and Babybel cheeses, scotch eggs and football crisps!
Pop mini football prizes into party bags such as chocolate footballs and football pencils and rubbers!

These are just a few ideas to help you on your way to party happiness, if you have any party ideas you’d like to share with us, we would love to hear from you!
Remember, to ensure your party is perfect:

*Ask parents/carers to inform you of any allergies to avoid any accidents!

*Make sure you have enough adults to children.

*Make sure you have enough party bags, games and prizes to avoid tears and tantrums.

*Most importantly, try not to stress and try to have fun!