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Make musical instruments!

There’s lots of fun (and noise) to be had with musical instruments, so what better fun than making your very own at home?


You’ll need:

Cardboard tube (kitchen roll is ideal)



How to:

1. Cut small holes along the length of the roll (grown ups might need to help here or do it for little ones!)

2. Decoate with paint – the funkier the better

3. Leave to dry

4. Toot-toot away!


You’ll need:

Empty plastic bottle with lid

Dried peas, rice or small pebbles

Felt tips

How to:

1. Fill the bottle with the rice,peas or pebbles

2. Pop on the lid and secure tightly

3. Decorate with felt tips

4. Shake it all about!


You’ll need:

Tissue or old shoe box

Several elastic bands

Crayons or paint to decorate

How to:

1. Decorate the box

2. Stretch the bands over the box with a space in-between each one.

3. Play away!


You’ll need:



Empty tubs

Plastic bowls

How to:

Turn the tubs, pans and pots upside down and bang away with the spoons!