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We love the Spring!

It’s the perfect time to do this sunflower-funflower activity with your littlies so that come summer, they’ll have a fully grown sunflower in the garden!

Older children will be able to do most of the activity themselves, so use your own judgement and remember to protect the floor! It’ll get messy!


You will need:


Seed pot

Sunflower seed






How to:


1) Measure the paper to fit around the seed pot and cut to fit.


2) Decorate your paper with handprints or paint your own design. You can also add sequins or you could make a collage pot!


3) Using glue or tape, fix the paper around your seed pot.


4) Fill your seed pot with compost


5) Pop in your seed!


6) Water gently and place on a window sill in sunlight.


Your sunflower-funflower should sprout within a week or two if you keep the soil moist and keep it in the light.


Once your sunflower has grown around 6 inches, transfer into an outside pot or directly into the ground in the garden!


We’d love to see your pot designs or your finished, fully grown sunflowers! send them to fi@littlestars.tv and we’ll pop them in our gallery!