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Make a big space rocket!

homemade rocketWhen a rainy day stops outdoor play, don’t despair – turn an old box into a space rocket for hours of fun!


It’s funny how littlies can have so many toys and books but give them a box and it’s like you’ve given them the world, moon and stars.


This rocket making project was inspired by the moon. B has been talking about going to the moon lately and we’ve been looking at books about space, so it seemed a good idea to make a space rocket.


I took one end of the box flaps and cut into a triangle shape. I then stuck it onto the top and covered in tin foil! Usually we paint our models but they were so excited to play in their new rocket we decided to leave it half finished for another days painting.


So far they’ve been to Mars, the moon and Saturn! That’s one fast rocket we’ve made!