Valentines day rose xx

You will need

Tissue paper – red

craft scissors

pipe cleaners

Step 1

When you pull out your tissue paper and unfold it, it is already the right size to cut.

Remember the bigger the square, the bigger the rose. Cut straight along one of the main lines of your tissue paper and then in half again. Approx size of mine is 4 inches by 4 inches.

Step 2

You will need 6 of these squares altogether so that you are able to fold concertina style.

Place the pipe cleaner on your tissue paper and leave enough so you can loop over & twist.

Step 3

With your craft scissors just round off the ends of your tissue paper and fan out both sides.

Now all you need to do is very carefully separate each of your 6 layers of tissue paper. Soon your rose will appear !

Why not try…

*Making a rose with newspaper and maybe add some glitter glue on the petals too!

*Use a peg on the pipe cleaner for that special message. You can add glitter to the peg too, to make it really special!

Have fun making these! I had fun and my girls thought it was real! I think I will spray a little perfume on mine too!

Love Shellybobbins xx