Pretty Night light!

Shellybobbins tells you how to make a lovely night Light…

Things you will need:

*Any kind of jar – I used a jam jar

*Glue or sticky dots or double sided tape



*Battery tealight

*Make sure your jar is clean!

How to:

Measure your jar! My jar was 5 inches but I made my material just a little bit bigger so it overlapped and I could glue it when I wrapped it around the jar.

As you can see from this picture I measured the material and marked it out with pins so I knew where to cut.

I wanted to make it fancy so I used my pinking shears to cut out some love hearts but you can cut out anything you like or stick on anything - like glitter or sequins!

Put your glue or sticky dots onto your material and roll your jar on it making sure you have the right side

Glue the over hang

Turn upside down and snip the material on the bottom of the jar so you can fold it and glue down.

I cut out a small piece just to hide all the glue and stuck on the bottom.

I found some pretty ribbon and tied with a bow! Add you battery tealight and turn on! *Only use a battery tealight for safety reasons!

* Only use a battery tealight for safety reasons.

*always ask a grown up to help you with tricky bits such as cutting if you are not used to sharp scissors.