Funtastic Rudolph hat!

Rudolph is lots of fun to make…

You will need:

*An old or cheap pair of gloves hat – I got both of these items from the pound shop!

*filling – Toy filling or even old, odd socks!

*crafting sissors

*some red felt for a nose

*2 googly eys or felt

*toliet tube (to draw around)

*Wonder-web or sticky dots & wool to sew the gloves on

Step 1

Start by filling your gloves with odd socks or toy filling

step 2

Place your toliet tube on your felt and draw around it to make a circle shape. *Ask a grown up to cut out with craft sissors*

Place your rudolphs nose in the middle of your hat before you stick it down along with your felt eyes or googly eyes.

step 3

Using some old wool or cotton thread, sew your antlers onto your hat.  

*You will need a grown up to help you to sew your antlers on*

You can jazz up your ears by using glitter glue on the tips!

I hope you have fun making him!

Merry Christmas with love shellybobbins xxx