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Christmas cracker the ‘bobbins’ way!

Look at this easy to make Christmas cracker…

You will need:

Either felt, scraps of material, wrapping paper, even newspaper (and that looks really good with glitter on it !)

Toilet roll

crafting scissors,

sticky dots, (this cracker can be done with out glue too)

2 small pieces of ribbon to tie both ends of the cracker

glitter glue and sequins

piece of paper & pen

Step 1

Make sure when you place your toilet roll on the material or paper that you do have enough so you can tie at both ends

Step 2

Decorate your material using glitter glue or sticky dots and sequins

Step 3

You might need to leave to dry if you’ve used glitter glue, make sure you toilet rolls in the middle of your material and secure with your dots (this can be done not using glue if you wish)

Step 4

Tie one end of the cracker using your ribbon, I wrote a note to santa last year as I had been very good I left it on the tree a week before christmas, the next day when I came down it had gone ! Christmas day when I came down the stairs there was my christmas cracker hanging on the tree – it had a lovely note to me from santa ! Santa said I had been very good and was pleased with everything I had done xx

If you don’t want to do this and just put sweets in or packets of raisens thats fine too!

If anyone in your family has passed away and you want them to still be remembered at christmas its really nice for a private note to go inside the cracker and place it on the tree x

Step 5

Tie the other end of the cracker

I hope you enjoy making your cracker!

Love Shellybobbins xx