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Pumpkin window decorations!


Try your hand at these easy-peasy pumpkin window decorations to make your home super spooky for Halloween!

What you’ll need…

Orange sugar paper/ card


Orange paint

How to…

1.Cut a circle shape out of your paper, then fold in half.

2.Cut eyes and a scary mouth out of the circle to look like a pumpkin face.

3. Using fingers or potatoes – print your pumpkin with the orange paint and leave to dry.

4. Hang your Pumpkin decoration on the window with tack or tape. When it gets dark- the pumpkin will cast a shadow in the garden and look very spooky, while still looking good on your window!

** If you make lot’s and mix with different shapes such as ghosts and spiders, it’ll create a fabulous, spooktastic display!