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Candy Cane Santa Sleigh

We love this easy to make Santa Sleigh! It’s pretty easy to make!

Ideal for keeping near you front door full of sweets for Carol singers or makes an ideal party bag for Christmas parties if you make a few more!

You will need:

  • Square tissue or childrens shoe box  

  • Candy canes

  • Red paint

  • Sweets

How to make:

1) Draw a sleigh shape on the box (use the picture as a guide)

2) Using scissors (littlies will need a grown up here!) Trim edge of the box so that it resembles a sleigh shape (see picture)

3) Cover the sleigh with red paint or decorate with tissues paper and glitter and leave to dry.

4) Cut holes in the bottom corners of the sleigh and push the candy canes through to look like the sleighs runners.

5) Fill the sleigh with sweets or chocolates!