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Top Ten Tips to entertain your baby!

There’s so much you can do with your little one to stimulate them during wakeful time and it’s really important to do as soon as you can, so you can get them into a good routine.


You don’t really need to invest in expensive toys, just a few basics and you’ll be on your way to happy play!


Top Ten Tips to entertain your baby!


1. You!


You are your babys best toy! Lay baby down and kneel over making funny faces. Stick your Tongue out and you might get a shock-they often do it right back at you from a very young age!



2. Bright fabrics and blankets

Lie your baby near these so can see, also with shiffon scarves waves above babys head, lightly forward and back. Let your little one feel the fabrics but remember to never leave them unattended with material or scarves that could cause an accident.


3. The great outdoors

Get out and about as soon as you can, the fresh air and stimulation promotes a healthy appetite and sleep! Make sure baby can see everything. So many parents hide their newborns snuggly under hooded prams thinking it keeps them safe and warm – it does, but they’re missing out on seeing the great big colourful world around them!


4. Black and White images.


Babies love black and White – at this young age, clear bold shapes are fabulous! Print pictures from the interent or buy black and white bold print soft-play books.


5- Swimming!

It’s never too early to go swimming! Once your baby has had their first jabs they’ll be safe to swim.

I Took both my little ones swimming at 7 weeks old and they love it still. Best to go a good clean pool that has family changing facilities. Also make sure waters not too cool and not to stay in too long. Babies can get cold very quickly. Ensure they are wearing swim nappies to avoid any accidents, and for very young babies a wet suit can keep them warm.


6- Reading

Sounds daft? Nope! So many parents don’t read to their little ones until they’re older. You should read to your baby from birth as they love the sound of your voice. Childrens books are fabulous (check out our bookworm section) but reading anything at this age is fine.


7- Baby gym

A baby gym is a colourful playmat with a built in mobile over the top. These are fantastic as they help develop hand-eye coordination and encourage rolling older. Remember to try and have at least 10 mins a day of tummy time.


8- Socialise

Get together with other mums. It’s great to get babies used to other children and adults from a young age and great for you too. Check out your local mother and baby groups or other clubs such as baby sensory, breastfeeding groups and playgroups.

9- Music.

Any music but especially classical. Babies love classical! Pop it on in the background, and ensure it’s not too loud for tiny ears!

 10- Singing.

Singing with your little one is a brilliant way to support learning. One of the biggest benefits of singing is the repeated use of the ‘memory muscle’. Learning a piece of information attached to a tune, embeds that information more rapidly in a child’s mind.

Learn some old fashioned nursery rhymes and sing them to your baby while doing the actions. Baby will follow your hands with their eyes and later will imitate you. Join a singing group like monkey music for singing fun with other babies and parents.


Of course with everyday life it is hard to find the time to fit in lot’s of activities, but remember – the more you put into your baby the more you’ll get back! Big wide eyes, bright smiles and gurgles all come from interaction and play.

Enjoy your baby!