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Drayton Manor Park & Zoo

Drayton Manor Park & ZooIt’s been many years since I’ve been to Drayton Manor – and what an enormous change has happened during that time.With delights such as Thomas Land for littlies and fantastic rides for older children and adults, Drayton is well worth a visit.

We were lucky enough to be offered a days visit last month where we had a very lucky weather day (sunshine all

Drayton Manor

day) during our rather rubbish summer, and lots of fun with our litte ones aged 2 and 3 years old.

The littlies particular favourite area of Drayton was Thomas land with it’s train and various character rides. ItDrayton Manor Park & Zoo was quite a mission to get on some unfortunatley as the queues were rather long. Having said this, if you prepare your bag with snacks, drinks and a few activities like we did, the queue time doesn’t seem so bad.

There is plenty to do and see at Drayton Manor, including the animal park which is home to over one hundred animals from all over the world, including some endangered species. We loved the owls in particular – so pretty and wide awake for us!

The prices at Drayton do seem a little expensive on first entering the park, but when you add up value for money, it seems fair, and if you book online here you can get some great discounts and deals!

Drayton Manor Park & ZooWhat’s rather fabulous about the lovelies at Drayton Manor is, if it rains for more than four hours on the day of your visit, they guarantee that you can come back again for FREE at a later date! Check here for more details.

We were going to take a picnic to Drayton Manor but decided against lugging it around all day and have lunch there. We are so glad we did! The restaurant we chose, The Grill Inn, situated inside the park was fantastic! The food was great, the staff helpful and friendly and the cost was very reasonable.

The littlies wanted a go on the game stalls – a little bit of money down the drain to be honest, but the fun they had trying to win prizes made us forget that and pop more pennies in the slots! Sadly, despite all of us trying (Daddy was VERY determined to win a Thomas train,) we went home empty handed. Must practice hard for our next visit!

All in all we’d thoroughly recommend Drayton Manor as a great family day out! We had a great time and wentDrayton Manor Park & Zoo home with two very tired and happy littlies who talked about their day out for weeks after!

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For more information go to www.draytonmanor.co.uk