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Grown up Bookworms Childcare books

There are many childcare and baby books on the market, but how do you know which one to buy?

We’ve chosen our favourite development books to share with you!

From Birth to Five Years Children’s Developmental Progress (Sheridan, Mary D.; Frost, Marion; Sharma, Ajay)

Based on the work of Mary Sheridan, this text sets out each stage of normal development in young children.

The authors also describe suitable developmental tests for hearing and vision, advise when to refer a child for specialist attention and provide information about support services available to children and families with special needs.

This second edition has been revised and fullyupdated to take account of the latest legislation and research. Emphasis is placed on providing high standards of care by working in partnership with parents and other carers to promote the health of children.

How to Observe Children (Riddall-Leech, Sheila)

This book is mainly aimed at students and shows them how to make the links observations and child development theory.

It provides guidance on terminology and presentation to ensure students do the best they can in their assignments. It includes chapters on observing for the Birth to Three Framework, the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.

It is written by an experienced early years professional and author – Sheila Riddall-Leech who is Lead Examiner for CACHE and author of Childminding and Managing Children’s Behaviour.

A Volcano in My Tummy, Helping Children to Handle Anger (Whitehouse, Eliane; Pudney, Warwick)

This book presents a clear and effective approach to helping children and adults alike understand and deal constructively with children’s anger.

The book offers engaging, well-organised activities which help to overcome the fear of children’s anger which many adult care-givers experience, and distinguishes between anger the feeling, and violence the behaviour.

Primarily created for ages 6 to thirteen, it is accessible for use in class or at home.

Early Childhood Studies An Introduction to Children’s Worlds and Children’s Lives (Willan, Jenny; Parker-Rees, Rod; Savage, Jan)

Early Childhood Studies is fast becoming a separate academic discipline. Courses include the study of Early Years education and care in the wider context of social, cultural and developmental aspects of children’s lives.

This book provides comprehensive coverage of course content and an overview of current issues and approaches in Early Childhood Studies.

The book has been written for students on Early Years courses, as well as for practitioners and policy makers in health, social services, police, education and care. The book reflects the multi-professional and multi-disciplinary range and scope of Early Childhood Studies, introducing students to different ways of studying the richness and complexity of children’s lives and children’s worlds.

Helping Young Children to develop (Harding, Jackie; Meldon-Smith, Liz )

A straightforward account of children’s developmental milestones, aimed mainly at childcare students, but a handy book to have for referral.

The book contains age-appropriate activities that provide opportunities for students to observe and record developmental progress.

The Great Ormond Street New Baby and Child Care Book

The Essential Guide for Parents of Children Aged 0-5.

This book sets out each stage of normal development from birth to five years. It has a wonderful pregnancy section, with a helpful insight to parenthood.

It also covers the more common illnesses in children such a chicken pox and measles, and gives advice on how to care for a sick child.