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Gina Ford is like Marmite!

Gina…..She’s like Marmite – you either love her or you hate her, in my case I have to say it’s the latter. Well, actually, not hate her, I’ll save my hate for Jo Frost and the techniques she claims as her own! Gina Ford (pictured,) has written various childcare books for new parents. I’m not about to start advertising them here, but if you’re a
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Shopping for your new arrival!

Shopping for your expected arrival is so exciting but can also be a total nightmare! With so many online stores and shops on the high street, how do you know which one to choose for the best? Shopping online can save you lots of money, time and avoid swollen feet! If you’re buying for your new baby, it’s essential to write a list  of all you
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Voice Professional Nanny of the Year Award

By Guest blogger Tricia Pritchard The Voice Professional Nanny of the Year Award, which was launched in 2004, was created to recognise the highly professional, important role nannies play in providing high quality, safe and flexible childcare to thousands of families throughout the UK.   We believe nannies have been, until now, the invisible professionals and it is hoped that this Award will significantly raise the
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Cry me a river…Can leaving your baby to cry be harmful?

Dr Penelope Leach says recent scientific tests show high levels of the stress hormone cortisol develop in babies when no one answers their cries. If this happens over long periods and repeatedly, it can be “toxic” to their brains. Leach (pictured) suggested unattended extreme crying bouts of 30 minutes or more could be damaging to babies. Dr Leach told the BBC News Website: “We
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Even psychologists get the blues: A journey through PND

By Guest blogger Emma Russell When I found out I was pregnant with my eldest son (now 4) I should have felt over the moon. It was planned. But I didn’t, it felt ‘wrong’ and I felt a sense of foreboding that I could not rationalise. I was fit and healthy during my pregnancy and had a lovely, normal home birth, but as the weeks
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