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What should you do if your child is ‘the bully’?

How do I know if my child is a bully?  Parents may think there is no problem – that it’s just a little teasing, or that it’s natural for children to fight with one another, but if your child is repeatedly hurting other children physically or emotionally, it’s bullying. Why is my child a bully? Working with children and families over the past 25 years I’ve seen my fair share of upset children
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‘Disney on Ice celebrates 100 years of Magic!’

Do you love Disney? How about ice-skating? If you answered yes to both – then Disney’s latest on-ice show might be right up your street! We sent two little reviewers age 4 & 8 to see what they thought of this rather wonderful show! Here’s what they thought… ‘It was awesome! My favourite bit was seeing Timone and pumba singing hakuna matata, they were
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Could emotional education solve student mental health crisis?

Some 96 percent of UK students believe universities should offer ‘emotional education’ on the curriculum to help reverse the student mental health crisis, according to new research.   The survey, from students’ emotional fitness app Fika, polled 1,500 students and 100 employers on the need for formal emotional and social education at schools and universities.   Almost two thirds (65 percent) of students said
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The smacking debate – to smack or not?

Smacking – It’s an ongoing debate. There have been studies over the years for and against smacking, but do we really need research to tell us whether to smack our children or not? A study by Marjorie Gunnoe, professor of psychology at Calvin College,Michigan, suggests that children who are smacked by their parents may grow up to be happier and more successful than those spared
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Parents feel stuck in jobs with no career progression.

Over three quarters of working mums [80%] feel stuck in the job they are in because they don’t think they will be able to find a new one with the same degree of flexibility they now have, while 57% say their career has not progressed since they have had children, according to workingmums.co.uk’s annual survey. The survey of over 2,000 parents shows 59% of
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