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Build it with bricks!

One of our favourite toys is one of the simplest ~ bricks!

We spend hours making towers, castles, farms, zoos and ‘dungeons for naughty tigers’ (their words not mine!)

At 3, B is getting very creative with her designs, and at 2, O is often very destructive and often tumbles those designs down! B is mostly patient with him but sometimes it’s all too much and there are tears. Lots of tears.

I’ve now introduced a tray so that when B makes a great design we can put it up high in the dining room ready for Daddy to see when he gets home. This has put a stop to tears and tantrums and beautiful buildings are no longer destroyed. I also take a photo of her designs so she has them saved forever!


I’ve joined this up with this weeks ‘little builders’ which is hosted over by Emma on her fab blog ‘Mummy Mum Mum!’ Click on the badge below to find out more.



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