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Rain Rain go away! (Don’t worry – BT TV Kids is here to save the day!)

So here it is, the wonderful British summer we’ve all waited for. The little ones are out of school, the days are long and the excitement levels are high, but the plans of beach trips, zoo visits and glorious sunshine filled days have been scuppered by our typical summer weather! But don’t despair! There’s lots to do on rainy days, and the rain will not spoil our summer! No way! 

Rainy day fun! 

From arts and crafts to games and den building, there is so much fun to be had indoors that kids won’t care that it’s tipping down outside! Not only that – a little TV time is good for recharging batteries and offering entertainment to bored little people this summer.


Den building! Perfect rainy day fun and so easy to do! Like our favourite Nick Jr Nella the Princess Knight – we love to make our own castle! 

  1. Using a large cardboard box, cut along the top edges in an up-across-down motion to create the castle turrets. 
  2. Using crayons and paints – colour and draw castle arched windows. You can even cut out some windows and use the cut-out card to make a Knight shield! 

BT Kids TV | Rainy day fun | Kids activitiesNewspaper crafting! You can make so many cool things out of newspaper! One of our favourites is a ‘lion mane hat’ to role play Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard! 

1. Take a newspaper double sheet

2. Half it again, then cut along strips to the fold (careful not to go all the way to the edge otherwise it’ll just end up as strips!)

3. Wrap around your little ones head and secure with tape! 

4. You can paint in brown and orange ‘lion mane’ colours or leave as newspaper! Raaah!


School of Rock! Make your own musical instruments  out of household items and form your very own rock band just like the cool kids on Nickelodeon’s School of Rock TV show. BT Kids TV | Rainy day fun | Kids activities

Drums: Use upturned saucepans and wooden spoons! 

Saxophone: Use finished kitchen rolls to toot toot your rocking tunes!

Guitar: Pull elastic bands over an old shoe box with the lid removed to create your own electric guitar! 

Microphone: Empty loo roll with a scrunched up tissue pushed through the top and you have your own mic! 

For those about to rock – we salute you! 

TV and chill time! Not just for rainy days, a little TV time is great for winding down after a busy adventure day out and about. There’s nothing nicer than a family snuggle on the sofa watching favourite films or TV shows. Get the popcorn popping and get together to watch a huge selection over on BT TV Kids!  

BT Kids TV | Rainy day fun | Kids activitiesBT TV Kids offers an incredible mix of nine channels including Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. For only £4 a month ‘bolt on,’ Children can watch the latest episodes of their favourite shows from the popular pups of PAW Patrol to the long loved Scooby Doo they can enjoy over 2,000 episodes of kids entertainment on demand in the BT Player. BT TV has also launched a competition that challenges children to get creative and design their own PAW Patrol character. Visit metro.co.uk/drawpatrol to enter (the deadline is Friday 11th August)


Activity books! Not only does BT offer amazing TV shows this summer, they are also giving parents a helping hand by offering a free ‘Summer of Fun’ BT TV bumper activity book to keep children inspired and entertained with fun activities to do at home and out and about over the holidays, based on the kids shows available on BT TV. The summer activity pack is totally free and can be downloaded here


BT Kids TV | Rainy day fun | Kids activities

Treasure hunt! Using paper and your imagination – set a little treasure hunt with clues to find the hidden treasure. 


Use several clues to find other clues until they find the treasure. 

If you want to get super creative you can turn it into a mystery hunt for any Scooby Doofans. Set up a ‘who did it’ story – perhaps somebody stole something valuable from the museum – set up clues around the house to see if your little Scooby-do mystery incorporated kids can find the answer! 




NB: This post was written in collaboration with BT TV Kids but all words and opinions are entirely my own. 


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