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Every child is different!

Hello lovely faces! I’ve just been reassuring a new mum that she is doing just fine and to stop worrying so much. In fact – she’s doing more than fine, just like all of us, she is learning as she goes. It really is the best way. Even me – the ‘parenting expert’ with 24 years working with children and families and my degree
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New research has revealed that 20% of parents spend no time at all reading with their primary school aged children, while 54% of parents of children aged 5-11 spend less than one hour a week reading to their kids. Experts recommend that children spend at least 20 minutes per day reading to develop their literacy skills. The results come from a YouGov survey of
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Parking in a parent bay could soon result in a fine!

We’ve all been there. Driving around the supermarket carpark with little ones looking for a space, only to find the ‘parent and child’ spaces full. Then the most irritating thing happens – you see someone return to their car parked in said space and… NO CHILD! It’s been the car park rage inducer of parents for years, but it seems this soon could change!
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John Lewis scraps ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels on children’s clothes to reduce ‘gender stereotypes’

Hello lovely faces! Today I’ve been doing Radio interviews today talking about John Lewis and how I welcome their brave, bold move to reduce gender stereotyping kids clothes! For those of you out of the loop, the new clothing labels say “Girls & Boys” or “Boys & Girls” and will be put on all own-brand items from newborn to 14-years-old – including floral dresses. The store
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The new '30 hours free childcare' All you need to know!

The new ’30 hours free childcare’ All you need to know!

Free childcare? Thirty hours? Yes please I hear you cry – but nothing is as straightforward as it seems! Here’s everything you need to know about the new free childcare allowance. When will the free 30 hour childcare be in place?  There are already free 15 hours in place, but from September 2017, the current allowance available to all parents will double for those
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