#FitFabHappyClub – Feel happier, healthier, less stressed and ready to face each day!

Hey lovely faces! It’s hard to feel good about yourself sometimes isn’t it? Especially as a parent juggling twenty-gazillion things at once and trying to find time for yourself. This made me think about starting a little project I’ve called ‘The #FitFabHappyClub’ It’s about feeling good, getting strong, having more energy and better mental health and generally having fun while doing it. No diets
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Hey. Are you OK?

Hey. How are you? It’s not always easy to love yourself, or even like yourself, but please know that you are valued in this world and your life really matters. Today, October 10, 2017 is #WorldMentalHealthDay. This day, around the world gives us all an opportunity to bring awareness to and highlight mental health and wellbeing issues. Just like our physical health, we have
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Childcare is fun!

The Closure of the Workplace Childcare Voucher Scheme: What You Need to Know

On Thursday 4 October 2018 the government will close the childcare voucher scheme to new entrants, replacing it with the new tax-free childcare scheme. Charlotte Cowgill, Legal Adviser at DAS Law, tells you what you need to know… Why is the government making this move? The new scheme is intended to be a fairer and better targeted system than childcare vouchers, and will mean
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pregnancy travel | travelling while pregnant | travel insurance

Baby on board? Don’t let it bump you off your flight!

Between the rush to the airport and trying to remember if all the important items have been packed, flying abroad can be tough at the best of times, but travelling overseas while pregnant creates its own set of issues which a British woman who went into labour whilst on holiday in the UAE recently found out! Research of 2,000 travellers from the consumer research awareness initiative travelinsuranceexplained.co.uk
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Cry baby magic tears ~ an honest review!

What the advert says: Discover the magical world of Cry Babies Magic Tears! As you unbox the mystery bottle house you will unveil the cutest little Cry Baby Magic Tears that comes with 6 fun accessories: a bottle, a bow, a dummy, a chair, and 2 accessories unique to each doll! Open the final compartment to see if you have any surprise golden accessories,
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