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Lets celebrate saggy boobs, stretch marks and wobbly bits!

be body confident | embrace the mum tum | love your body

I do love the media lately – there are so many powerful and positive images for young girls and boys lately, that it makes me smile.

The most recent being lovely Stacey Solomon who posted a wonderful ‘bikini body’ video over on her instagram page.

Stacey looks wonderful, she’s ditched the popular instagram filters and clever camera angles, to show the world close up, her stretch marks and what she says are ‘saggy boobs!’ encouraging mums to celebrate their bodies!

In the video Stacey starts by saying: “Three things I love about my bikini body.”
She goes on to talk about her “muffin top” while squeezing the sides of her body before lying on the floor.

be body confident | embrace the mum tum | love your body

Stacey laughs and tells her instagram followers that “Not only are they insulating but who else can lie this comfortably on a stone floor without the help of these babies?” she added.

A few months ago the Loose women star, joined her colleagues in stripping off to 

‘to empower others to be body confident’


And you know what? It’s working! Thousands of women joined in the Loose women campaign – sharing pictures of themselves after surgery, motherhood and more! (LW top pic credit Bryan Adams ITV)

Bloggers are sharing their bikini bods on instagram, from wobbles to tight toned abs – they are encouraging all shapes and sizes to embrace who they are. 

In my teens and early twenties I was a size 8. When I married in my thirties I was a size 10. After my first and second baby I was a size 12, and now, a year post hysterectomy and HRT I’m a size 14. 

We change, we grow, we look different throughout our lives, and yet so many of us feel we have to hide our new shape. 

I’m off on holiday next week. I was working about my wobbles, my new shape and what I’d wear around the pool and beach. But I’ve decided I want to enjoy my holiday and stop worrying about what I look like, because this new shape – it’s who I am now, just like my little size 8 was who I was then.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been on the inside – it’s about time I embraced the outside of me too – wobbly bits and all! 


If you missed Stacey’s video – you can watch it below.

SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE ON HOLIDAY WORRYING ABOUT HOW THEY LOOK! You’re all perfectly imperfect and unique and beautiful. I thought I’d make a little holiday video celebrating my society labelled “imperfections” because actually I love them, they’re part of me, and they have their uses! I think if we can all show off our insecurities then we will all start realising NOBODY escapes the world of perfection that we are all under pressure to keep up with and everyone can sleep a little easier at night knowing everyone comes in different shapes sizes etc etc and we all have the same extra ordinary bits that are seen as “imperfections” but they’re not they all tell a story of who we are and why we are and where we are going! ????????????

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