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Talking to children about coronavirus (COVID-19)

News of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is absolutely everywhere. From Social media to the school playground, children will likely know many different variations of what the virus is and what it can do, so what can we do as parents, to help them understand and not be afraid in a scary time?   Communication is key!  As with all things parenting, I always say that talking
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Lamb Feeding Week at Lower Drayton Farm!

Spring is in the air, and lambing season is well underway! At Lower Drayton Farm in Staffordshire, they’ll have lots of lovely cade (orphan) lambs who need bottle feeding to help them thrive! The chance to feed them will make memories that last a lifetime! As well as getting up close to their lovely lambs, families will enjoy a fun yet informative farm trailer
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Toddle Born Wild launches Dribble-Proof Lip Balm and the first ever ‘Happy Gut’ Hand Gel for little ones!

The adventure continues for all-natural skincare brand and the intrepid Mum who took on her son’s red-raw chapped cheeks at her kitchen table – and won! All-natural skincare specialist Toddle Born Wild has launched two new products created to prevent little lips and hands from getting sore against the elements throughout 2020 and beyond. The adventure continues for the nation’s newest line in eco-friendly,
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What should you do if your child is ‘the bully’?

How do I know if my child is a bully?  Parents may think there is no problem – that it’s just a little teasing, or that it’s natural for children to fight with one another, but if your child is repeatedly hurting other children physically or emotionally, it’s bullying. Why is my child a bully? Working with children and families over the past 25 years I’ve seen my fair share of upset children
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‘Disney on Ice celebrates 100 years of Magic!’

Do you love Disney? How about ice-skating? If you answered yes to both – then Disney’s latest on-ice show might be right up your street! We sent two little reviewers age 4 & 8 to see what they thought of this rather wonderful show! Here’s what they thought… ‘It was awesome! My favourite bit was seeing Timone and pumba singing hakuna matata, they were
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