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Child benefit to be scrapped for higher taxpayers!

Child benefit is to be axed for higher-rate taxpayers from 2013, Chancellor George Osborne has announced… He told the Conservative conference the move – saving £1bn a year – was “tough but fair” and “made sense” at a time of huge pressure on the public finances. Any couples where one parent earns about £44,000 – roughly the 40% tax level – and above will
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Telling the real story of my #Twitterbirth

Hello lovelies! This week has been crazy-bonkers  (a little like how I’ve been described lately by those lovely Daily mail readers!) Oscar is a week old tomorrow and has had a very exciting first week of life! From radio interviews to TV shoots, he’s slept through, waking only for his regular feed and deep blue eyed look-around to see if the world is still
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CCIF’s fantabulous relaunch!

Hello lovelies! So, here we are finally, after a few hiccups and nightmare techy problems! All sparkly new for you to enjoy! With our Editor Fi VERY close to giving birth it was all a bit stressy there for a while if we would relaunch in time! We had visions of her typing frantically in between contractions while tweeting and facebooking!  Well…Multi-tasking is all
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Learn to be a lifesaver! – Nationwide child safety campaign launches

New research published today reveals that two out of five parents has had to give emergency first aid to a youngster in their care – but worryingly, over 40% of parents have never done any first aid training. The research also revealed that head injuries, burns and choking are amongst the most common accidents in the home.  Knowledge about what do to is essential
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Sweet 16’s – by lovely guest blogger ‘Little M’

Since leaving the waters and coming home 16 months ago I have spent all of that time discovering my new life. It has been nothing less than adventurous, and each day the world around me is becoming more and more clear. None of this would have been possible without mami and daddy’s love and milk, of course!  Thankfully they have given me the freedom
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