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Even psychologists get the blues: A journey through PND

By Guest blogger Emma Russell When I found out I was pregnant with my eldest son (now 4) I should have felt over the moon. It was planned. But I didn’t, it felt ‘wrong’ and I felt a sense of foreboding that I could not rationalise. I was fit and healthy during my pregnancy and had a lovely, normal home birth, but as the weeks
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‘My single parent Story’

By Guest blogger Brooke For most of my life I have been a stickler for rules. Rules were followed and breaking the rules or taking big risks was something I avoided wherever possible.   I worked hard, achieved well academically and went off to University at Nottingham.  Another three years of hard work and I find myself in Beijing in the summer of 2007 on
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Calling all Dad’s!

There is a widespread belief that antenatal and postnatal depression is only experienced by women. However, research and anecdotal evidence suggests that this is not the case.  It is believed one in 14 men will experience depression during the antenatal and postnatal period,with some evidence suggesting that the figure could be as high as one in three.  A dad whose partner is suffering from
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Double trouble!

By guest blogger and mum of Three, Emma Sargeant I am an organised person who likes to plan everything in my life, from the small day to day things to the bigger more important things including what age gap I wanted between my children. I decided that I wanted 3 years between my children so that when my second was born my eldest son
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Pregnancy grumbles!

By CCIF’s Fi Star-Stone I’ve just been diagnosed with symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). I’m not one to complain…..No, honestly, I’m really not! But I feel I’m entitled to a bit of a moan today regarding my pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong!  I feel truly blessed to be pregnant again (only three months after having my daughter who
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