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Help kids cross safely – download the petition!

The UK has one of the highest child pedestrian injury and death rates in Western Europe and the developed world. This can no longer continue or be allowed. Most child pedestrian death or injury occurs in the hours of 8a.m to 9a.m and 3p.m and 6p.m on a weekday,which happens to be when children travel to and from school. Kids Cross Safely is a
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Norovirus be gone!

Blurrghhh! What a horrid week! Poor Miss B (pictured left, in hospital) came down with Norovirus and had to go to hospital. After 24 hours of constant vomiting and diarrhoea, Betsy looked and felt awful. She couldn’t crawl or move, so I called the doctor who told us to go straight to hospital. After just having had Oscar (almost 4 weeks old) it wasn’t
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Children in the UK can still benefit from free sports equipment!

Whilst the furore rages over the withdrawal of child benefits the Haven Fun & Fitness scheme continues to benefit under-5’s at nurseries with the provision of free sports equipment designed to help children meet government guidelines regarding the importance of physical activity. The scheme, now in its third year was re-launched recently and got off to a flying start with more than 1,000 playgroups and nurseries
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Child benefit to be scrapped for higher taxpayers!

Child benefit is to be axed for higher-rate taxpayers from 2013, Chancellor George Osborne has announced… He told the Conservative conference the move – saving £1bn a year – was “tough but fair” and “made sense” at a time of huge pressure on the public finances. Any couples where one parent earns about £44,000 – roughly the 40% tax level – and above will
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Telling the real story of my #Twitterbirth

Hello lovelies! This week has been crazy-bonkers  (a little like how I’ve been described lately by those lovely Daily mail readers!) Oscar is a week old tomorrow and has had a very exciting first week of life! From radio interviews to TV shoots, he’s slept through, waking only for his regular feed and deep blue eyed look-around to see if the world is still
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